Boy Vaporizer Review – What You Should Know About This Unique Vaporizer!

ijoy vape

The ijoy vape Miner is the hottest new product of the bunch. It’s not only the highest rated product on the market, but also it helps that e-juice is heated up and extracted at a pretty high speed. However, if an atomizer overheats a little too much or a little too slowly, the entire experience of vaping isn’t as great, but again, thanks to the folks at IJOY, the entire experience is perfectly perfect, all thanks to their professional Vapor Shop technicians.


The IJOY Vape Miner is probably one of the coolest vaporizers that you’ll come across. There are a lot of different things that set this vaporizer apart from the rest. One of those things is the two high-amphire batteries that are included. These are huge and seriously powerful. Not only that, they also have a huge dual high-amp output range, meaning that there is something for everyone – even those people out there who don’t need twice the power as those who would need it.


So what really sets this apart from the competition? The answer is simple – the IJOY Vapor Miner is simply the most advanced vaporizer available anywhere. This is a device that was designed with the smart consumer in mind. It makes no compromises and incorporates cutting-edge technology into a design that is easy to use, packed full of features that make life easier. Some of the features include auto shut off, intelligent battery saving, two high-amp slots and a smart temp control. This is truly a vaporizer that is a ‘must have’ for anyone serious about their pursuit of enjoying tasty vapors.


One of the great things about the ijoy shogun 180W TC box mod is that it is completely user friendly. The simplicity of this design is impressive, and the user-friendly attributes extend to the temperature control as well. Setting the temperature allows the user to not only customize the vapor produced, but also regulate the temperature depending on whether they want a cool or warm experience. The temperature can be adjusted in increments of ten degrees Fahrenheit, which is great for those who enjoy having a closer, more personal experience with their liquids. There are also options for variable resistance, allowing the user to fine-tune their experience. There are even options for charging your unit with either a USB port or an adapter, making this a very convenient mod to have.


The ijoy shogun univ 180wtc box mod is a terrific vaporizer that utilizes two high-amps for power. It is equipped with an intelligent temperature-control system and can be fully customized with a variable resistance. This mod is loaded with tons of innovative features such as a variable airflow system, digital display, dual battery check-out and dual button charging. The entire system is backed by a two-year warranty.


I truly enjoy the vapor quality of the ijoy shogun univ 180wtc box mod. The built-in dual batteries allow you to use it whenever you’re ready to enjoy some quality e juice. I have used the vaporizer twice so far and am extremely pleased with its performance. It has been extremely easy to assemble as well.


It’s amazing how simple and easy the vaporizer is to use. I love the large circular base that supports the batteries inside. The buttons are located on the side, which is a nice feature since you can always reach them by feel. I also really like the ijoy shogun univ 180w box mod’s double battery button. It’s large and easy to press, providing you with an instant double-battery button press to get double power.


One of the key selling points of the ijoy shogun univ 180w box mod is the interchangeable shanks. There are three available shanks, which allows you to get the amount of power you need, whether you are running low on power or running out of options. The shanks are also replaceable, which gives you a lot of freedom to style your vaporizer. If you want to upgrade in the future, you can remove the shanks, which will allow for a larger wattage output, or just change out the batteries to find the perfect power setting for you.

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