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Vapeciga vaporesso gen 220w, a kit AIO soft mesh and ceramic spools. But how to do it. Delve Come to the purpose of the examination of PM30 and discover.

These products have been shipped to Vapresso kind generosity to withstand the test side. other thoughts you will find below are mine and are not affected by the fact that this talent.

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Interest Vaporesso PM30, changing the original Podstick. But this time the coil is replaced instead of peas. However, except for the pod system, changed nothing anymore. Vape experience has been improved? We will deepen the vaporizer according to this opinion Vaporesso Interest PM30 and more.

The contents of the box
Here’s a quick breakdown of what you can expect to see included in the kit Vaporesso PM30 Meta.

PM30 objective content Vaporesso
1x battery PM30 goal Vaporesso
Interest Vaporesso 2x 3.5 ml Pod PM30 (PDT 2 ml)
1x GTX mesh coil 0.6Ω 20-30W
1x GTX coil 1.2Ω mesh (mesh additional coil) 7-11W
1x standard GTX coil 1.2Ω 8-12W
1x USB Cable C
1x user manual

Removing the cover reveals that swag kits click in with a gondola attached to sit on a plastic inlay. While additional gondola under poses, USB-C and manual cable. Interestingly GTX 1.2Ω additional mesh coil supplied with the kit. Probably everyone loves an additional coil which was good to see.

As expected the construction quality of PM30 the target is in line with the usual quality of this Vaporesso their vape devices. In addition, the target PM30 very strong although only 98 g weight.

In addition to the shutter button and voice-sensitive drawing pertly both thumbs and fingers are placed. In addition, the LED casing surrounds the shutter button is used for the second one indicates the battery level and power output.

In addition to handling PM30 purpose adhesive is covered with the same film seen on other devices such as Vaporesso XTRA Vaporesso Goal Vaporesso and PM80.

A good view is the location of the USB port-C, appeared from behind and near the base, which makes it a perfect investment to carry less risk of falling.

Pod PM30 purpose Vaporesso
Without a doubt objectives for PM30 pod pods look nearly identical to that included with Vaporesso Vaporesso Podstick. But the biggest difference pods can now be used to go back and take advantage of this coil Vaporesso GTX. Great to see. In addition funnel rejected glove pressing loading design methods. bottle size limit is used to recharge the PM30 objectives. Vaporesso but is not equipped with a 10 ml bottle is empty for such contingencies.

It is fair to say that target pm80 pod show new has little in the way of functionality, still allows the authority to resolve in three stages. In addition to adjusting the actual power used it depends on the coil. While the goal of PM30 is activated with the usual five clicks of a button fire three clicks current output phase of the cycle will. In addition, each output power depending on a color LED screen around the shutter button. See the table below for reference.

Despite loads determined via the USB connector 5V 1A-C. But I can achieve the aim PM30 load at 5V 0.87A, which is low. The important thing is without a lens color LCD PM30 Vaporesso LEDs used to indicate the charge level. Where green indicates that the battery is between 100-70%, 70% -30% of blue, red 30% or less.

In addition, if the purpose is required to stop PM30 quick spray costs if necessary, and continues to charge after the fire button is released.


Perhaps the purpose of filling Vaporesso PM30 is an easy business, through the design of the thrust. However, as the boat in accordance with refillable bottles nibbed push-down method is required thin. But if your e-liquid comes in a favorite bottle with large seeds, then Vaporesso including empty 10 ml bottle with PM30 Meta.

Although both forms PCTG teeth, however, are dark. However, visibility is still quite correctly, what you can see the level of e-liquid. But it could have been a little lighter, which may be required for the light source inside to show the level of e-liquid.

A coil is replacing an easy vaporesso gtx get code. However, the coil can not be replaced with e-liquid left in the basket. However replace and priming of the coil is a case of taking the old reel. Followed by the initiation of a new coil with a few drops of e-liquid two coils and down the chimney in each discharge port. The next place to the sheath target reel PM30 and recharge. The important thing is let stand for 10-15 minutes to saturate the coil.

While mesh coil GTX 0.6Ω take some time to break. However, there was good fruit Vape coming through as well. Especially flavor e-liquid mango, this coil makes it perfect for new and want to try vaping vaping directly to the lungs (TLD). In addition, the GTX Mesh coil made 0.6Ω best vaped when at full power (green LED). But the taste of low power level when the battery drops below 70%.


1.2Ω regular coil GTX


The flavor of regular play well GTX 1.2Ω coils. While reproduction was pretty good fruit. But the taste is the best product at full power (green LED). However flavor drops more sharply than GTX 0.6Ω when the battery drops below 70%. Also during the use of salt Nic 20 mg, is not the best shot in the throat.


GTX mesh coil 1.2Ω


While the coil 1.2Ω mesh GTX can take some time to break. But when it happens, production of 50 pg e-liquid flavors smoother and much so the vaporizer unfused alternative. In addition, press the throat 20 mg of salt Nic pleasantly fine without violence.

Although vapeciga renova zero vape nonadjustable flow of air, the air supply coil, a crack in the back of the nacelle. Therefore, there is a coil itself to change the air flow. Furthermore, when a coil is used 0.6Ω GTX Mesh target PM30 produces a smooth vape with a random DTL off limited. However tight coils GTX 1.2Ω mesh regularly and feel produce drawer.

In addition, protection and warnings are indicated by the number of times the LED flashes. But some protection can give the same warning, which was a bit disappointing from the standpoint of clarity.

LED Indication Protection
Overtime Protection 10s. 3 flashing any color.
3 intermittent open circuit protection of all colors.
short circuit protection. 5 Flashing Red
Low voltage protection. 3 Flashing Red
Protection against shocks also 3 red flashing
overload protection continuous green light.
PM30 Purpose Kit Vaporesso
Dimensions 22mm (L) x 26.7mm (D) x 117.1mm (H)
Output power ranges 3 settings according to the coil.
1.2Ω – 8W, 10W, 12W
0.6Ω – 20W, 22W, 25W
the type of battery, and the internal number 1200 mAh
unspecified equipment – camera – zinc alloy and grip – PCTG?
Resistance range of 1.2Ω GTX, GTX 0.6Ω.

Undoubtedly, as most target devices PM30 has some problems. For example, as vaporesso luxe 220w click in rechargeable original goal PM30 have the same method for loading. Especially for those who have problems with their hands, which can be difficult to tighten and squeeze method reusable bottles. Furthermore, the use of the PM30 lower target at full power, both pulsating airflow / coil feel while using the coil 1.2Ω. Furthermore, when the battery level falls below 70%, a sharp decline in the second detection coil 1.2Ω. Finally, a leak during a test coil mesh GTX 0.6Ω. As this occurs only once, it is a fairly large liquid and quantity.

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