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Today I have a new vapeciga vaporesso gen for review. That pod looks first shot look very similar to the famous Caliburn Well, high pod classified vaping community. Not always the opportunity to try Caliburn, so can not compare.

I expected MTL DTL very nice and limited experience, let’s see what happened.

In the frame:

• Battery 1 x VAPORESSO Xros
• 1 × 0.8Ω VAPORESSO Xros POD (2 ml)
• 1 × 1.2Ω VAPORESSO Xros POD (2 ml)
• Cable 1 x USB Type C

• User Manual 1 x
• 1 x Warranty Card
• Reminder Card x 1


For starters, I like the stainless steel metal built from this sheath. It feels durable and put both hands. Seen in this case, as mentioned Caliburn reminds me, I really liked it. rounded edges that make it comfortable grip sleeve and lightweight. I feel it is not very resistant to scratches from the body, because I have some small scratches on mine.

Not much more to it and then upload vaping functional and wise. What makes it easy to use, which means that even has a level of 3 watts. Pod for me, as such, should be the minimum possible, because I think the pods are often the best tool for those who want to quite smoking. Depending on the output of 11W will nacelle (1.2ohm MTL) or 16W (RDL 0.8ohm).

USB-C, who remembers the USB devices swag kit vape show new, this may be one of the first of them. A full charge takes about an hour, and usually attacks easily devices over a full day with 1.2ohm sheath, the sheath 0.8ohm just made a full day. loading and good battery performance in my opinion.

Perhaps the downside I have for this kit is that the pods are disposable, you’d better see coil replacement instead of complete replacement sheath. You will see this in the price, as two pods cost about $ 11-13, while usually can get 5 reels for the price. Of course, this kit is fairly new, so the price will drop pods overtime.

To make it even better sheath with an adjustable air flow! Not in the car, but on an actual device. A small single lever can move left or right to open or close the airflow. a hole is obtained a draw air flow point and tight, very tight, the drawing type cigarettes. However, I have found, you can get a beautiful limited strike DTL.

How vaporizer? Very good. Since both options are good networks coil flavor of a gondola. In all coils Vaporesso disappoints me. I prefer to use more teeth 1.2ohm, but also provide an injection of lung 0.8ohm. You can also use 0.8ohm coil MTL if you like hot vaporizer.

While vaporesso target pm80 get code can pull Drawn, sounding the shutter button is perfectly positioned to take the thumb. In addition, the LED status indicator set shutter button bright enough. Also when vaped, the status LEDs indicate the charge level.

Obviously clear 2 ml PCTG sheaths formed by either making it very easy to see the current levels of e-liquid, which is large. Despite the removal of the filler funnel can be somewhat messy. Due to some particularly strong magnet it is not thin, suitable for Xros teeth reassuring click.

Undoubtedly Vaporesso Xros perfect to wear. Especially when Xros weighs 51g and dimensions of only 13 mm from front to back. Furthermore Xros is 112 mm high, with a width of 23 mm.

Undoubtedly this natural pods Vape offers some features that tend not support a simple and easy experience vaporizer. However, it would be good to see the heating coil in the Vaporesso Xros function.

With a battery capacity of 800 mAh internal battery good pod Vaporesso GTX click in of this size. In addition to the amount of time between charges it is very good and as expected for a device of this nature. Besides feeding 0.8Ω mesh POD 16W, which Xros can last about two days, depending on the use.

While many would be happy with the inclusion of a USB-C, said connector Xros 5V 1A charging speed.

Furthermore, the load and battery level LED shown in Xros before. When the red LED indicates the duration of 0-30% battery charging, blue LED indicates 30-70%. While green LED indicates 70-100% of the battery capacity is left.

In addition, if necessary with the Xros stop charging if necessary a quick spray, and continues to charge after the fire button was released.

Fill in
Vaporesso photos pod Xros, the funnel is removed to expose the fill port
What is important pod filling Xros easy Vaporesso and a bit uncomfortable. In addition to disclosing the reconstitution of the joint, I funnel must be removed, which can cause leakage and-liquid packages fingers. Reconstitution However, once removed is easy to fill and suitable to replace the nozzle.

The important thing is the design of adjustable air flow vapeciga zero pods, allowing easy adjustment. Regardless of restricting the flow of air remains smooth vape selected without turbulence. But while making automatic shooting is slightly delayed, less visible than others on the market. One point to note, Xros automatic dramatically improve air flow inhaled closed.

A very smart look for the sheath that gives you a good taste. With a stainless steel body and light module to move. Adjusting airflow and USB C may be the best part of this sheath. Would have been nice if Watts selection of 3 levels.

This is a good pod for smokers who want to switch to vaping so easy to use, has a pull-activation and convenient charging system.

You can not say that this murderer Caliburn since I’ve never used, but I’m sure it was not mesh coil. MSRP for this kit is $ 30 a boat that is not the cheapest, but worth the price in my opinion. The disadvantage is that a disposable wraps at this time is expensive.

Xros free time to 0.8Ω tasty pod with excellent speed networking products Vape from scratch. fruit especially coming through very well with a wide variety of flavor profiles are generated. But when the weather is above 28C coil 0.8Ω Xros suffering floods. Generate e-liquid being sucked through and mouth. However Nic flavor and throat hit 20 mg salt a year and a half wide open hole in controlling airflow.

Obviously pod Xros is 0.8Ω networks winner for taste. Furthermore vaporesso luxe mod click in well net product vaporizer sheath 1.2Ω. But not as tasty 0.8Ω mesh sheath. He also hit 20 mg throat with salt Nic is almost nonexistent.

Powered by a variant of the chipset Vaporesso Axon VaporessoXROS wrapper offers the following levels of protection.

LED Indication Protection
protective resistance around 5 flashing red
short circuit protection. Also 5 Flashing Red
No load protection. Also 5 Flashing Red
heavy-duty protection also 5 Blinking Red
low voltage protection 3 Blinking Red
Load protection stops charging
Protection against shocks also 3 red flashing
protection autolock (8s) flashing red also 3
It is fair to say that Vaporesso Xros was a problem during testing. In addition to the problem of flooding 0.8Ω in the hot coil (28C). Thus, for e-liquid in the mouth when you vaping. However, this did not stop once the climate cooled below 28 ° C.

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