Freemax Maxus 100W Kit

Maxus FREEMAX Kit 100W
FREEMAX continues with the 2020 range is updated with something rare in today’s market, the development of two new kits! Having monodosis system just see this update, and MaxPod AutoPod50, both looked very impressive, can not wait to see what they can achieve at the other end of the market today, we look at the kit FREEMAX Maxus 100W, but do not worry about FREEMAX review Maxus 200W coming soon as well.

Maxus FREEMAX mod kit 100W single battery housing, including Maxus and tank 100W 21700 compliant Fireluke 3, which is an evolution of the popular Fireluke 2 and M Series Fireluke tank sub-ohms. As we have come to expect from FREEMAX, a new series of Maxus is packed with innovative new features and I’m very interested in trying the new management SmartLoad Tech battery for you to dig down and see what is available here.

The Maxus FREEMAX 100W kit on the outside deck with a series of large images in terms of colors you want on the front, a list of kit contents and specifications on the back, and links to social networks and regular zero ‘n’ sniff access code on the side. In what is a blue square with a great brand “Maxus 100W” before and once again, there is a practical piece of finger up to help remove the cover.

Once you open the mod presented with Maxus 100W and Fireluke 3 joints including tank and spare toric tank without replacement glass, despite a free space for one person and I’m not sure that this is due to the TPD issue or that it is testing production cycle are sent to reviewers who sometimes missing minor accessories. Below you will find the second box containing documents, USB cable c, second coil Fireluke 3 and finally the battery adapter 18650.


  • Size 90.2 x 37.5 x 28 mm
  • weight 146g
  • Support the battery with 21700/20700/18650 SmartLoad Tech
  • 5volt / 2 amps load
  • Modes Power / VPC / Bypass / TC
  • output 0.7-7.5volts / 5-100 watts
  • 0.1-3.0Ω Resistance Range

Maxus freemax 100W is compact enough battery mod 21700, no, it’s not the smallest in my collection, but much and feels very comfortable in hand. Style wise, I think fat makes Voopoo flip panel series resin on one side and printed on the other screen. This resin panel will be some division because they all come with a diagonal of 50-50 with two highly contrasting colors. I was the black-red variety, I am very pleased that several other color combinations, how can I put it politely ……. STRONG !! With six color options available that you should find something that suits your taste, but I would not be surprised if some options tend to sell much faster than others.

At the top, the plate 510 is focused is always good to see, because it offers greater flexibility in the size of the atomizer can fit comfortably. That said, although there is a 100W Maxus slightly inclined edge 28 mm, in addition to something greater than 26 mm overhang, somewhat below this large aspect. 510 plate hair rises only protect Ms. mod mod in the feared eruption, but can lead to apparent “evaporate” I know some do not like. Personally, I prefer to protect the Veo paint this as an advantage, especially since I have seen some wear in the area where the catch ring me in the door frame and the battery that makes me a little worried about the long-term sustainability of black paint.

Maxus simple 100W rear and at the bottom you will find the details of the card with a cut finger comfortably to remove the side panel allows access to the battery compartment. The side panels are held in place with two large magnets, there was very little movement in the panel in all directions, but no worse than many other mods that use the same design and n ‘are not in danger of falling from the panel .

The battery compartment carefully designed and there is a battery recordings to help with removing the battery. I found that the tape was being a little too long on my own, but this was quickly corrected with scissors and lighter! No contact with the top of the battery and the contact springs at the bottom. One thing you may have noticed Maxus guide 100W battery label for new uses “Tek SmartLoad – Expenses on a whim” of freemax and their own tricks of the game … No matter where the battery is placed, work Tek SmartLoad you have to do and allow safe operation of the mod anyway!

I tried a variety of battery 21,700 Maxus 100W and found that if Samsung 30T is ideal, and the rough P42a Molicell with the crisis in difficult conditions, the size of the battery and the avatar who would not be Vapcell. This says more about the variability of the Maxus 21,700 batteries 100W But of course 20700s and 18650s and (with adapter) causes.

The front panel has a light directed situated between power and control up / down, and although not the biggest screen ever seen, the information is clear and can (almost) read various automatic without glasses touching. It is also very clear and I was able to read outdoors under bright sunlight is generally felt recently. All buttons are super dislocation and requires quite a lot of pressure Turn, so I do not feel the need to use the command key (pressing the power setting two buttons + / -). There is absolutely no good knob rattle. The menu will include a series of nested menus are clear and easy to navigate features you want, I could barely see in the manual. Finally, at the bottom of the front panel, a USB port for charging-C and in my tests, Maxus 100W charged about 1.85 amperes and remain calm while charging.

The Maxus 100W has a map with multiple modes and features with all the security you need and offer the power delivery seemed consistent throughout. To test the temperature control (TC) broke Mini snakes and faithful, it must be said that this shocking that tanks 22 mm often locally on modern mods were consulted. Maxus 100W also good in TC mode with constant vaporizer, although the strength of the reception to adjust manually. After a vaporizer is almost non-existent, I learned shin axis to change my CV mode. If you want to get a manual adjustment of TCR, I was also impressed that displays a list of available values ​​for TC in general, a nice touch and something I do not remember seeing before. Also, if it is in power mode and placed in a new tank 100W Maxus showed TC mode if it detects the CT reel. I think this feature is a little chance, however.

Maxus 100W Pro

  • Compact mod 21700
  • SmartLoad Tek – install the battery in the direction
  • screen menus are clear and well laid out
  • good power delivery and work TC

Maxus Cons

  • Some color combinations are a little “out there”
  • paint can not be sustained
  • A small movement in the battery door

FreeMax Fireluke 3 Tank

  • specification
  • Size 49 X 27.5mm
  • weight 48.5g
  • 2ml Capacity (TPD) [area 3ml / 5ml in non-tpd]
  • FM coiltech 4.0 coil (SS904L cotton fiber mesh tea +)

Fireluke 3 tank included in the kit is an evolution of the Fireluke series of reservoir 2 and M sub-ohm Fireluke popular with FM Coiltech FREEMAX 4.0 coil day using tea military grade SS904L cottonfFormula mesh and fiber are also used in AutoPod50 their latest kit. It is a sub-tank ohms standard model, I’m sure we’re all familiar with now that break down into five parts that you can see above. “Version resin” is included in the kit, this time equipped with resin inlays in a metal frame rather than a full resin chunky designs seen and I think it looks even better, especially in terms of gray visible here.

Specifications 27.5mm said large tank, but I think that may include a glass bubble that are not here, because I measured it to be closer to 25.5mm. Up top is a standard advanced drop down 810 with two O-rings, but there is also the O-ring in salvage logging so that the standard tips 810 drip without O-rings also. There is a reasonable sized filler hole revealed by pressing the top cover of the area with the FREEMAX logo and a red dot. FREEMAX have improved this area with three ball bearings to ensure that the summit is not opened in your pocket. It is obvious that in this edition of TPD as 2ml capacity which means you often fill the glass bubble of hope available separately later.

Two coils included in the kit, a double coil 0.2Ω X2 and X1 0.15Ω coil and the second style design features honeycomb mesh. Three other coils are also available and you can find more information about the people in the court Fireluke 3.

Double 0.2Ω nets is estimated from 40 to 80 watts. At 40 watts I found a little anemic vape very cool and looks a little less in the same direction to cut the flow of almost all downhill. The airflow verges on the edge of the whistle if you exceed ¾ closed as well. He really needs a 50W + to produce a good taste and a little warm, but it was too hot for my taste with 70W and seemed to struggle beyond one bit. I find that this coil is everywhere done better in the range of 50-65 watts.

single 0.15Ω Nets windings are also noted 40 to 80 watts and 40 watts is still somewhat anemic vape as 0.2Ω coil. a good flavor, but only really began to show the 60W mark, and I could push past suggests 80W to 85W before I began to quickly detect, it really needs to shoot a 55W + to start producing. which taste fantastic range of 60 to 80 watts, but as you would expect to lose time Eliquid at a rate of knots

The two coils using the latest 4.0 technology coiltech SS904L FREEMAX AutoPod50 but after recently tested, which also uses SS904L coil, I think the exchange of Kanthal in the previous version Fireluke may have unintended consequences for some users. I avoid Nichrome coil over the past seven months since I work with a process of elimination, they cause great pain, mouth ulcers, most likely due to the high nickel content (80%). With I AutoPod50 did not noticed a problem when I was examined, but beyond continued use, I suddenly found myself with thrush again! I wondered if it might be SS904L cause of the problem, although I’m fine with SS316 (10 ~ 12% nickel) and some shows google-fu SS904L has a nickel content was much higher at 23 ~ 28 % I think may be the culprit here, so this coil can not be the best choice for you if you have a nickel allergy / intolerance.

As you can imagine, this leaves me a little hesitant to continue using these rolls, but do not worry because there is a solution that Fireluke 3 is compatible with all Fireluke coils 2 and Fireluke million before .

Fireluke3 Pro

  • Beauty, I really like resin inserts
  • good performance coils
  • Compatible with the previous coil Fireluke (Kanthal)
  • three ball bearings on the above system reduces the possibility of opening in the bag

Less Fireluke 3

  • SS904L coil may not be suitable for people allergic to nickel
  • the air flow can be noisy

FREEMAX laugh again here. Some color combinations available may not please everyone, and I’m not sure of the durability of the paint, but Maxus 100W is really good and rich feature 21700. The Fireluke 3 easy mod tank both runs you expect from FREEMAX with their long expertise and innovations in mesh coil technology, and I think that gives a great visual update of the previous range. Fireluke

A big thank you to send a kit to FREEMAX Maxus 100W in the study.

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