Hurricane Hurrciane six new flavors bombshells incoming hot!

Friends all know that higher hurricane Hurrciane pretend bility of xinjiang, but seemingly domestic rarely see their oil smoke! With the south Florida, Latin America, and the enthusiasm of the Miami, today we have to meet the different region amorous feelings of hot and sexy beauty! Hurricane six mixed juice tastes new hits, want to try it! Come on come on! Today’s tropical fruit salad dinner: lychee smoothie, milk and pineapple fog villi of the dragon, mango, strawberry the contact tower, mist milk cheese cake!

Mixed with fresh litchi lychee smoothie cream, vanilla bean ice cream, a unique sweet and the rich flavor of fresh litchi, fusion with cinnamon smooth aftertaste and milk, coupled with a slight shock throat feeling, make a unique mix of delicious! Pineapple fog like pineapple flavor milk friend must want to have a try, tunnel mellow pineapple flavor, can let you surprise! When moist taste, the entry still can feel the butter pineapple ice cream is sweet and refreshing, vanilla cream flavor and pineapple, rich layers of mixed delicious! Dragon of villi pitaya and the combination of cotton candy, fresh and smooth, new cotton candy taste mixed with fresh pitaya, with summer where cool, sweet fruity pitaya with cotton candy sweet builds a gentle taste the most delicious. Strawberry the fresh strawberries and cream cure, contact tower tower, coupled with almonds, sesame seeds, rice, barley, the flavor of food such as Spain, suction when blended strawberries and cream is exquisite soft, again with the simple sense of coarse grains, aftertaste. Have to say, this one can be used as a staple food. Mango fog in the sweet cream milk mixed with fresh mango, breathed in the taste of the delicious creamy vanilla cream mixed with mango, strong fragrant, very delicious. Banana cheesecake flavour luscious cheesecake thick cream sweet, banana and strawberry fruit fragrance mix, with a slight shock in the throat feeling, sweet sweet and not greasy, banana flavour lovers don’t miss! What is the right winter fruit ice cream! Friends to have dinner together! The important things said three times.

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