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The vapeciga dovpo mvv mod is the latest in a little-known Dovpo.

I have a ton of their product, but they do VV mod M a few years and die and a double work mods superstructure is also very good, so overall a solid company that has formed my limited experience of the end . I also recently revised its sheath kit D-salt and the presentation of new BLOTTO soon too. M II is a double VV VV mod 18650 (variable voltage) measured at 280 watts to adjust the pot (potentiometer) on the front panel. It is available in 3 colors all with a black frame and panel design which only differs Skull and Roses, Dragon Samurai, and Hannya. Look around online, I do not see available in China and around 27-35 dollars.

Manufacturer Specifications:
Construction of a zinc alloy + PC
Output voltage: 1-8V
maximum power of 280 Watt
Voltage: 6.4V 8.4V-
Resistance Range: 0.08-3.5ohm
protection against overheating
Additional hours of vaping warning
Protection against reverse battery
Powered by two 18650 batteries (batteries sold separately)
LED displays the battery life
New aesthetic look stylish and colorful designs
Threaded connector 510
Port of load C-USB
Included in the box:
VV M Box II Mod
Type C USB Cable
users Guide

first impressions and characteristics

When Mod, I am very surprised, because there is a ton of dovpo squonk show new battery made today doubles again and even rarer is a VV mod.

This was the murderer benecig saw him a year ago and since then I think the only other IJOY game. No mod created this style often, so I’m happy to see that. I also like the original VV mod M is always best to be found in IMO General VV mod and super cheap around $ 30 and can still price, so I would like to know if this mod will increase. I personally do not mind the work of a good group, but that’s just my opinion. I liked the design of the best original plan. house also has a metal body and soft layers to your new temporary PC (polycarbonate) to light. The other major difference is the battery meter and has a USB port C in general, but I was like illustration to start.

Performance (graphics and spreadsheets in a photo album)
Now let’s get into some of the data. I ran the normal tests. I use a battery test VTC5A Sony. The tensile tests performed at 0.1, 0.17, 0.2 and 0.63 ohms. Note that the boat without digital screen, make every effort to walk 2, 3 and 4 are the same each time, but maybe a little variety. 1 and 5 parameters that are easy for all one-way streets. It was created to provide a basic guide of what to expect at each setting and test the maximum and minimum power is important in this mods. With the construction of 0.1 ohms and 143 watts reaches 38 amperes I max. Today amplifier dual battery half mod. 3787 volts is the maximum resistance (limited by ampere) and the minimum I get is .736V 5 Watt and so much tension and range of watts. Built with 0.17 watts maximum 218 280W short so if you are registered, which is similar to the original problem. The voltage range is from 0.736 to 6.101 and about 3-219 watts. 0.2 ohms and 213 watts construction Imax voltage range is from 0.842 to 6.522 and a range of 4-213 watts so it is good again. 0,63 ohms building has a range of 0,842 to 7994 voltage and power range of 1 to 101. Very good again.

They make a list of all specifications as well. They list 280 watts maximum short, but many have fallen into the trap of the list max 45 amp 219. which in turn fell short range and 40 would be fairer, but both limit watt amplifier and a good battery limits usual double mod. 38 amps and 219 watts. They list 1-8V output voltage range that is the most I’ve seen in one of these changes in VV series and a big reason why I love them and they are a great note, and since this rank test 0.736 to 7994.

Vapeciga dovpo basium AIO (all in one) Pod kit, which means no mod or a separate reservoir that can be used with other things.

Having pods replaced for parts, but sold separately and coils integrated in Caliburn as Renova or zero. intelligent design is similar to the kit as a key DTL freemax GEMM then most single dose system which is slightly larger than most, but I like the personal design. No air adjusted like most nuts so that was not much but it’s nice when it comes to selection. It has a standard capacity of 2 ml. Stored in 1500mAh and adjustable output device. It has been integrated with the level recorded 1A USB charging. I tested 2 times with USB line and meter the rate that applied at .91A specifications Max is as good a level 1A charges appear. It cost a total of about 1 hour and 45 minutes. In 1428-1439 mAh battery size solid element again with a note taped 1500mAh. dovpo vary quite well in a few. vaping gate and most (cost passthrough while without pause) if u can hit while charging. Another interesting feature is that the rate of 510 drops in this way can use the tip itself but as a suitable metal, including personnel.

Salt D-Dovpo well built, and a little on the heavy side. I know that black cats matte black body is a bronze piece of shiny metal. It is a device that is very nice and simple, the only complaint was the painting. Mine already has a lot of chips in just a few weeks of use. I can not imagine how it will be months from now. They must do a better job in the paint. The pods are easy to install and remove. In the blade tip 510 and just threaded the veil falls. It is held in place by the top cover is well done and had a good yarn. filling pretty basic. It’s like a rubber stopper style where just pop in and fill pods.

This usage is quite simple. There are no buttons or adjustments or not. Just breathe fire. Pinhole LED low battery LED below the USB port. I wish it were easier to see when vaping so the only time he has been active for the level of costs. Green LED to 3.95V to 3.65V or more to 3.65V blue and red 3.95v or less. distance is generally good, but I wish they did not four, but no big deal. pod, fortunately, delete and while it is fully enclosed in the battery is not good and juice large window that makes it easy for the level of jus so great to see.

Overall, I think the performance of the model is very good. Very similar maybe even the same chip and same with the original. It has a wide voltage range of my love.Compared to the last VV MOD I tested is a murderer benecig that dovpo nickel click in low power M VV II and amps max, but recommends realistically,

I VAPING over 150 watts are also in the double model is much celui- 18,650 and 220, and most people vaping is not too high and the same applies amplifier limits were more than adequate and in line with most mods, even if it is a little shorter than a murderer. Has a voltage range much better when the murderer is why I love this mods and the best results. The only complaint of this specification is redundant.

an overview of energy efficiency TLDR
the performance is very good mod. Good variety of VV mod (.736V to 7.994V), Max 219 watts, 38 amps max number two which is good for a dual model 18650, but both are lower than the specified type.

Note the use of other
This model uses a standard 5 clicks to turn on and off. This is a VV mod so no menu or mode. Only the shutter button and the tray to adjust the tension. Only needle pot appeared to reduce production hours and the right to increase production. nice and easy to assemble large pot. No screen or another button appears and there is no TC mode. The model itself is built solid squeaker PC keyless and light body. The battery cover is the side panel of the standard door, which is owned by the magnet and adjustment without play. battery configuration easily in the sled as well and is easy to get in and out and do not need to wrap destruction.

paint looks good and not scratched, and saw the door to me, even at the bottom. It is a black body PC with a matte finish. The only color in the panel. I have a sound skull and roses are works of art with a skull in the center and around the roses. It seems that is not my personal style. Nice and simple shutter button displacement concave circle. It works well and never had anything or blocked, which is as it should be. 510-pin gave me a problem and each spray is used a great work smoothly. Mod handle atomizer 25 mm. More out. 510 slightly shifted backward, then forward as a whole, but forward and backwards on an inclined platform. Mod also the brand itself does not exist.

LEDs on the battery meter mod do. Green indicates that the battery is 7.6V or more, which means 6.9V 7.6V or 7V-form less yellow and red. Cells stored at 6.4V smooth cut. good job there in its entirety, but in step 4 would be good. LED is only activated when cooked. I can not find the specified cost and do not recommend to recharge your batteries in a mod if you can avoid, but the purpose of the information to create a level meter test load with USB online and get a load factor 1.78 to max 2A because most of the heavy loads.

mod build quality
nice looking
wide voltage range
watt amplifier and a good limit
simple, easy to use
The battery is easy to obtain, without damaging the package
The keys are fire and
Good pin 510
LEDs act as the battery indicator
Pot is easy to adjust
Mod handle 25 mm without false Atty
Mod mod calling the current mec mec
Lack of color options (black only 3 panel design with a busy, no matter I)
Watt redundant and limits Amp
The battery indicator can use a step-by-4
So, with all that said, I recommend this mod or not? I do not like it so difficult or not, but it’s pretty easy to lean your weight. very reasonably priced as low as $ 27 and work. Personally, I prefer the original is better because it looks and design, but the same performance between the two so it was just a matter of preference. If you are in the market for VV mod and as we see, is a very good buy. I added to my resume CER link below.

It was Anthony fried keep only honest, I hope you all can say the same and I will take the next revision.

rejection of the products

This product was sent to me dovpo topside

Disclaimer comments

Due to possible differences QC your experience may be different.


critical warning

I made a vaporizer review since late 2016 and has performed over 400 user comments. I like vapers help forum and contribute to the community a great vaporizer. I’m not “off the beaten path” reviewer. I do my best to be complete at any time and have considerable experience with many products say what is good and what is not. All modifications are tested with an oscilloscope and the test voltage and the results are shown in my opinion.


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