SMOK NOVO and SMOK Novo X Review

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SMOK NOVO and SMOK Novo X Review

The SMOK NOVO is a portable e-cigarette that uses a battery that charges quickly. It takes about an hour for the 450mAh battery to charge fully. The device also comes with a micro-USB cable, which is long enough to charge other devices while you vape. However, if you plan to use your SMOK NOVO while charging, make sure to have the additional length.

The SMOK NOVO has a similar appearance and design to the previous model. It features a dual-mode firing system that lets you choose between nicotine and e-liquid. The device uses a mouthpiece to inhale and activates the firing mechanism. If you prefer a milder vapor, this is an excellent option for you. It’s backwards compatible with the previous version of the SMOK NOVO.

The SMOK Novo X offers the same features as the novo, with the exception of a higher vaping output and a longer pod life. I was able to get about two weeks’ worth of vape juice from a single pod, which was a huge plus. While it is not as versatile as the novo, the X is still an excellent choice for those who want a more mild vapor. The SMOK Novo Pod System is backwards compatible, so it’s easy to change out if you’re not satisfied with the previous device.

The SMOK Novo X features the same dual-mode functionality as the novo. It has an 800mAh battery and a one-button design. It is easy to operate and uses a dual-mode nicotine system. The pod system includes an integrated 800mAh battery that lasts a long time. A newer SMOK Novo is available through VaporFi for $349. There are many other features to consider when purchasing a SMOK Novo.

When purchasing a SMOK Novo 4 Starter Kit, make sure to check the compatibility of your e-liquid. Some e-liquids are compatible with the SMOK NOVO but can cause some complications with some brands. While there are some e-liquids that are compatible with this device, the device will not work well with them. You will need to get a different tank or vape.

The SMOK Novo X also features the dual-mode feature. If you’re looking for a lighter, more mild vapor, the Novo X is a great choice. Its dual-mode feature enables you to switch between different nicotine strengths. If you’re looking for a SMOK vaporizer for a long time, the SMOK Novo X is an excellent choice.

The SMOK Novo 2 Starter Kit is a compact device that is convenient and portable. It comes with a 800mAh rechargeable battery and has a 1.8mL juice capacity. It also has a micro-USB port at the bottom of the unit and features a new airflow sensor that adjusts the amount of airflow. The Novo is one of the best e-cigarettes to buy.