Teslacigs Punk VW Mod

Introduction: 86W Mod punk Teslacigs
Mod punk Teslacigs 86W is the last device in the range of “punk”. Other features include beautiful punk Nano 120W, 220W 85W punk and punk.
Instead of the typical style box mod punk is a tube 86W mod regulated and has an OLED 0.49in. This seems to follow the latest trends for style modifications tube as set nunchaku Well, Ehpro iJoy 101 Pro and Saber.
I have a kit nunchaku Well, obviously, so I’m going to make a comparison between the two devices, which are both the same target market.
Using only 86W maximum power 18650 battery and can choose among users of variable or cutting power mode.
I’m a big fan of all punk punk mods and has a 85W I think it’s still one of my most tender device.
There are 4 colors available – gun metal, stainless steel, antique brass and antique copper.
Courtesy of Vapesourcing.com
I received a mod punk Teslacigs to 86W for consideration and report my honest with my camera in my findings have.

In The Box

  • USB cable
  • User manual
  • Teslacigs Punk 86W Mod


  • Output: 7-86W
  • Size: 28x104mm
  • Display: 0.49in OLED
  • Resistance range: 0.1-3ohm
  • Modes: Power (VW) and Bypass
  • Material: brass and stainless steel
  • Battery: 1 × high rate of 18.650 (discharge current should be above 40A ??) (notincluded)

Build Quality And Design
Teslacigs received 86W Mod punk version of the gun metal.
First it was absolutely wonderful!
Pattern in the metal casing and stunning 3D metallic finish.
Get into the heavier pack see two things … 1) I expected and 2) there is no place “rattle” massive …
Well, first I rejected the noise – I think to go when the battery has been installed.
I do not see a brand image everywhere – not “punk 86W” and the only indication made by the bottom on the basis of a mod!
Top Model 510 Access
The top of the model is quite simple with the spring connector 510.
The specifications indicate mod diameter is 28 mm, but the deductible before the summit and Article Crappo made me larger than the diameter of around 25-26mm.
I tried a few tanks here. My favorite “beauty” is freemax gun metal mesh Pro. But this deposit is not necessary to run more than 70W to 86W maximum of punk chug your life! In addition, Fireluke gun metal mesh looks great here too.
My main tank is currently Eleaf Melo 4 mesh with the coil and the diameter is 22 mm and is very stupid unfortunately here!
However, the tank 4. Melo only require 55-60W term if it is more suitable for output power of 86W punk.

The main mod
The main part of this model is very strong and quite heavy.
There is one large button fire, which is unfortunately a source of dull rattle. It works perfectly and is very sensitive, but a wave of mod and vibrates like a walk in the poorly constructed tower.
Further down the screen mod is small but functional, with a black screen with text in light blue.

The display shows:

  • Coil resistance
  • Battery voltage
  • The mode selected
  • The power selected
  • Battery capacity graphic.

The top of the screen is very small and basically only text – certain angle so that the edge of the cover slightly flawed text.
Above the screen is a button that controls a bit hard to press because they are small and do not exceed many body mod. But they are not toys at all.
Starting at the back of the MOD is a USB port. It’s not ideal, because if he uses it to keep the load changes on the mod.
The battery compartment is a screw cap to the bottom of the device.
Wow – I’m happy with it. be if he could see how the potential for the emergence of the need to install the battery in a punk style box 85W and terrible battery cover you will get it right!
The yarns are very good and the interior of the capsule is the negative terminal. It would be better if somewhere I was told respectfully.
Look to mod and see the + sign and shows that the positive terminal is in the mod.
I think after the battery is installed, you must press the battery cover while to get messed up to start tightening. There is a good amount of grip on the battery cover so if that helps.
At the bottom of the battery cover is very wise “designed by Teslacigs” and a symbol of the law. Cover 3 also has good ventilation hole size.
Installation Guide
This mod also comes packaged with a good instruction manual.
However, there is no battery in the package so you will need to install atomize more precise and voila!

The basic operation

  • Turn ON / OFF = 5 quickly by pressing the shutter button.
  • Vape = press and hold the shutter button.
  • Setting Lock / unlocking = both buttons simultaneously to lock and unlock.
  • Adjustments = use the up and down buttons adjustment.
  • Power fashion choice = press fired three times to switch between user variables or watts
  • in Bypass mode. “W” = Variable Mode show Watt and “B” = Bypass is displayed.


  • Fire cut = if the shutter button is pressed, it turns off after 10 seconds to prevent damage.
  • Low = voltage when the voltage of the battery the device displays the “low battery”.
  • No = atomize the screen displays “no nuclear”.
  • The circuitShort = triggers of the device is detected if the resistance below 0.1ohm.
    = Polarity
  • Reverse if the battery is installed on the back that the device does not fire.
  • High = resistance if the resistance is detected too high, the display shows “high strength”.

Consideration Battery
This model uses an external 18650. You must remove the battery for charging.
The statement indicates that a discharge current of 40A nominal battery is needed. Hmm I do not know if it really exists.
I looked at the comparison table 18650 exchanges and there is little to 30A or more – so having a busybody choose the best battery you can. (Hint to display the table – save to your device, open the gallery and can be extended)
Sony have some level of exchanges that VTC5A 25-30A so I use this in this mod.
Use of the amplifier calculator battery Fogstar – use this medium to 70W maximum output I need to the least one battery 26A. Therefore VTC5A should be fine.
If you use a low power, you will be able to use a lower range of the Amp battery, but it’s worth a check on a calculator. For use with 55W (as deposit Melo me 4) I need a 20A battery. It gives you many more options – including such popular Samsung 25R battery.
I found using the nunchaku with the heat of the battery Samsung 30Q. The 30Q has a higher capacity, but production is now lower, so it is not the most suitable for nunchaku battery.
It is advisable not to charge the battery while it is still in the Ministry of Defense so make sure you have a spare battery and a battery charger good quality at hand. We tell you all about the safety of the batteries in our guide.
Installing Batteries

  • If the battery is installed, it is preferable to rotate the model to battery first to prevent stall.
  • Unscrew bottom plug and remove the battery (if installed).
  • Install new battery with the positive pole in the mod.
  • Screw – this may require pushing the envelope in the Ministry of Defense and turn to tighten.

How 86W Teslacigs punk Mod Do?
Use this to 55 W, it seems to offer the same power as the other mods. I have no sophisticated equipment to test the output accurately, but I think I used the same output Melo 4 tank.
Fire speed seems quite fast – not as fast as Yosta 100W Livepor have reviewed recently – but it was still faster than I Voopoo Alpha One – which is quite unusual!
Using the same battery and deposit into my nunchaku mod – feel the same way too. So they seem to be evenly matched in power and shutter speed.
Just keep in mind that using more than 65W fix the battery life and also requires a longer battery production. So very happy with this tank mod requires 65 W or less power. For higher power of the tank, I’d go for a dual battery model.
Battery duration
There are many variables provide a comparison battery life, clearly the type of battery, power control and their own Vaping habits have an impact on these figures.
Unfortunately, this does not have a meter that my breathing is often used for comparison battery, so I’ll try to use that time I vaping.
Using Sony batteries VTC5A which has a capacity of 2500 mAh, and vaping regular 55W with coil 0.15ohm Me 4.5 hours of vaping.
This compares with A nunchaku often feel swallowed up battery, which had 4 hours using the same tank, battery level and power.
Therefore, the battery life 86W punk slightly better than the nunchaku.


  • Beautiful search device
  • Regulated adjustable and a screen made it very user friendly
  • Simple operation – VW and bypass – no temperature control or fiddly menus
  • Adjustments move in increments 0.5W so quick to move through the settings.
  • Better arrangement of the battery cover as previous mods punk
  • Apart all fire button feels super sturdy and well made.

The inconvenients

  • Fire button rattle
  • Negative battery polarity not marked
  • Screen nestled in tightly so at some angles the display looks distorted by the edges of the screen cover.
  • Do need to push on the battery cover whilst screwing it in to get it to tighten
  • Might be difficult to pick a matching tank / RDA – especially in the Copper or Brass colours.
  • Restricted in tank choice for power and size too. Anything under 24mm diameter looks a bit poo and over 65W power requirement will be running the battery down very quickly.
  • Would have been nice to have the option of 21700 or 20700 battery – especially in a single battery mod it makes a big difference.

End of review Verdict
Seen from this mod is just beautiful and the latest in the range of Punk’s did not disappoint. I want to get in on this second I saw him out!
Design / build there are some minor issues that wise. A rattly fire button, the display somewhat distorted and negative sides of the battery is less than mark did not let me down a few points in my notes. However, this model is sturdy and feels very well made unless the fire button.
The main competition for me in this category is Uwell nunchaku – which is a device that is very similar to the same output.
I prefer to see Punk Tesla 86W immediately. Build quality and delivery capacity on both mods are pretty equal. I think the Tesla feels slightly heavier than the nunchaku, but not much.
Be sure to check that you are using the right battery for the reservoir to the power level you want to use with it.
I think Tesla miss a trick little capacity to 21,700 or 20,700 batteries used here has made this a must buy more and more people. Besides the highest output available with this battery mod will be much more flexible and less restrictive on the tank, you can pair.

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