What are electronic cigarettes atomizer aprons function?

Aprons, sealing ring, a call is material, is a kind of call function, but believe a lot of users are not very clear about electronic smoke it aprons function actually electronic smoke it aprons function is very simple, electronic smoke it first is that the insulation of synthetic function, function of electronic smoke it aprons have? Below we together and see it.

On the market all kinds of aprons and each are not identical, even if the same size, materials may vary, let alone a different style of aprons. Don’t, with the function of the size, style, synthetic bear different again, today we will do a inventory, put on the market are more likely to come into contact with, and some at ordinary times need to be aware of when using love out said.

Shenzhen bell version of renju, and we use the high frequency of ordinary version of renju. As a result of the k series of negative pressure conduction oil type structure, the arrow of synthetic sealing effect is very important, should not only hold up cover of interface and diameter, inner diameter and important real caught the airway. When clean and remove, players should pay attention to the small aprons. By a way refueling at the bottom of the screw on the small aprons is also need to take care of that.

Indicated by the location of the same have a aprons, is set in a small cloud storage tank inside the groove of upper cover, this part of the aprons in the atomizer is the whole installation is completed and the airway, the aprons appeared damaged or lost, do not seal well atomized warehouse, oil leakage is inevitable.

Because of its unique shape, good resistance, different from the large diameter droplets mouth taste, many players for one or two more often used in other atomizer “, its diagonal position are set up two channel slot and provides two o-ring seal. The aprons is relatively easy to obtain, after all, is the available time is long, the market’s high atomizer, so such aprons accessories is not difficult to find.

Like the DS cloud it drip aprons, above the mouth mouth drops itself special modelling, aprons, ladder shaped, also don’t like our common round aprons. Such a set of synthetic when plug in drops of mouth crisp sweet click sounds very cool. But after long pull plug, just have largely break, so need to be paid attention in the use of the usual inserted at mouth drops if there are any unsmooth, cannot be forced into the drip nozzle, just need to embellish amgen cigarette oil or adjust Angle, maintenance is very useful for aprons.

Kang Er small tank atomizer of this type, and its internal aprons form is varied, itself has the essential sealing effect, but also with glassWarehouse close combination, also a certain degree of friction buffer collision of glass and metal. The aprons so it’s difficult to find replacement parts damaged or lost, but some producers have given a little in late or original.

Like kabuki this type of contact with the glass capsule on the atomizer aprons and small tanks on the glass inside the warehouse of synthetic function on some differences, such aprons is mainly rely on the outside diameter of the glass warehouse contact aprons, squeezing the whole tank sealing. Such a set if damaged aprons or improperly installed will have a steady stream of small amounts of oil spill.

Shown in the emergence of aprons are most of the various components in the joint, is the main sealing element. Is the most easy to wear, the most easily lost aprons type. Often found in the process of cleaning after installation is missing, and have to install aprons, need to pay attention to.As shown in the bottom of the cloud of the core of the aprons, sealing effect is particularly prominent, the loss or damage of synthetic, the oil will be very serious.DS atomizer with PICO this type atomizer, the base of the gas ring are removable, after dismantling the impact on the normal use is not very big. After such aprons fitted, when we adjust the inlet adding a certain amount of damping, also won’t let inlet adjustment ring is too loose.

There is also a type of aprons, itself is our common and common aprons, such aprons is set on parts of the circular arc form, makes the aprons also become non circular. Is one of the representative kf4 atomizer, the apron is too loose will inevitably spill, but too bulky during the installation process will be as tighten by extrusion deformation, can only say that aprons for people.

Details introduction to electronic cigarettes atomizer aprons function to explain for everybody here, electronic cigarettes atomizer aprons function is insulation, first inIn our daily use. Treated aprons anti-lock, prevent loss, prevent extrusion deformation, the mount must be put on.

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