Yooz Vape Review

Yooz Vape Review

Yooz Vape

You can choose the power margin of your YOOZ Vape by checking the battery indicator light. It has a magnetic connection and features a side air hole for easy cleaning. Moreover, it has a 4 hour continuous working battery. Its cartridges are similar to FEELM cartridges, but they are more compact and leak-proof. As a result, they are often called the Intel of electronic cigarettes.

The YOOZ Vape uses a 350mAh battery that lasts for 24 hours of heavy usage. Each pod holds 2ml of e-juice. It is discreet and comes with two complimentary pods. The device has a built-in LED battery life indicator, and you can charge it through USB. It features a FEELM honeycomb ceramic coil.

Yooz is an electronic cigarette brand that was established in China. It is dedicated to providing healthy and safe electronic cigarettes for smokers. They aim to be the transitional product for those who are looking to quit cigarettes. While the YOOZ Vape is relatively new to the e-cigarette market, it has already gained a loyal following among vapers.

Its founder, Cai Yuedong, has been researching the market and creating a product plan half a year ago. He has developed an effective marketing strategy and formed a team. The team has a great deal of experience in consumer projects. Cai Yuedong has also established a top-level IP in the field.

The YOOZ Vape device uses nic salts to deliver the same throat hit and nicotine strength as a cigarette. The flavor of the vape pods is unique and addictive and leaves a lasting freshness on your tongue. This device is more affordable than RELX and provides the same performance.

Yooz Vape has a user-friendly interface and offers a wide range of flavors. The company has used advanced CNC technology to create a device that is leak-proof and uses a proprietary salt-based nicotine e-liquid formula. Moreover, Yooz Vape products are subject to rigorous quality control.

The YOOZ UNI vape looks similar to the YOOZ UNI Pro. It has a YOOZ logo on the front and a breathing LED light on the back. The device also has airflow inlets on the sides and a USB charging port at the bottom. The surfaces of the device are made of alloy and are comfortable to hold. The overall design is simple and chic.

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