High School Students Start Vaping More

Young people have received a lot of messages about the dangers of smoking and tone Camel and Kool. But now expect a lot of smoke, the strength advantage to eliminate snuff in high school in New Mexico to see. The general use of snuff products, including electronic cigarettes among young people has risen by 23% since 2009, with more than a third of some high school students, 37.8% use some form of snuff.

It is only through the Ministry of Health in 2019 New Mexico Youth at Risk and Safety Survey, a project group of the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Education of the State published. The survey is conducted every two years. Last law does not allow the new research by the government earlier this year under 21, the sale of all products of snuff to each advance, Dan Green DOH said epidemiological studies. From 2015-2019, of young people in the first year the survey statistics, the smoking electronic cigarette collected, increase the overall use of this product by almost 42%, said Green. Any other use of snuff products has decreased.

From 2011, when the Ministry of Health, Shisha started, you can also water pipes in 2019 decreased by 59% young called. is from 2009-2019 snuff among young people reduced by 63%, Cigar by 54% in young people to reduce smoking, snuff, and chewing has decreased by 50%, said Green. This means that the benefit of young people chews away from smoking and tobacco for which deprived the increased use of electronic cigarettes and steam, said Green. Despite the perception of young people to vaping responsibility, James Padilla, Ministry of Health Epidemiologist Snuff says it is a dangerous practice.

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“We are concerned about nicotine addiction, as many electronic cigarettes and vaping products contain nicotine, even if people think that they do not,” he said. Padilla said that the capsules contain the juice evaporator, a popular brand of electronic cigarettes contains as much nicotine as a pack of regular cigarettes. “The development of nicotine dangerous for pregnant women and fetuses and young, the brain,” he said. “This is an important moment when you do not want children and young people to effects of nicotine for adults.” There are also concerns that dizziness Users young people occur from nicotine products, Padilla said. “And there are no signs of children with the electronic cigarette is not a product other than snuff,” although he acknowledged that many young people have left for the electronic cigarette products snuff are more traditional, I think it is an option, healthy, Part of the reason why young people have received the message against smoking and lack of warning about electronic cigarettes “decades we have people say that smoking is bad for you, but electronic CIGS has come in the last 8 to 10 years just “Padilla said. “Today’s children grow if they are not regularly seen smoking cigarettes,” said Padilla.

Youth Vaping More

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Products offered attractive electronic cigarette for them evaporate because a lot of sense in part and is looking vaping devices “techie” and feel you, “said Padilla.” evaporate take so much more dangerous. ‘ See other risky behaviors, the survey found that over the past decade, consumption of alcohol before the age of 13 decreased by 30%; Excessive alcohol consumption decreased by 52%; Heroin life was reduced by 36%; Life methamphetamines fell by 33%, and fighting in school facilities was reduced by 38%. increases on the other side of the scale, with extra money for three or more hours per day by 105%; and missed school because of security concerns has increased by 93%. What are the results of the research, said Green, is that “children who have a close relationship with their school, a good relationship with their parents, teachers, peers and others in the community who care for them, perhaps much less, the risk factors in all areas involved. ”

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