Vaporizers – Why Buy The Vaporizer From Vapx?

VapX Geyser S is the Original VapX XCoil line introduced for the market by Suck Club, consisting of single Coil Air Mesh for M TL or limited DTLaping, coming with a 0.5ohm XCoil model 10 Coil and a 0.7ohm XCoil model 10n Coil. This product is suitable for the newbie or the intermediate user who has low voltage to get high flavor in his or her VW Vaporizer. It has excellent vapor production which is the main reason why it is so widely sold. Users also love its top notch performance. Read on to learn more about the unique features of this wonderful vaporizer.



o Fast Charging: Unlike other leading products which have to be precharged while hot, this Vaporizer has a built-in quick-charging system, which does not require any warm up time. A separate charger is provided along with the Vaporizer. This is one of the unique features of the vapx Geyser S. It is also capable of fast charging, which means you can enjoy your juicy juices even faster. And as it uses single air mesh coil for dense flavor, it will never let you down.


o Single Air Mesh Coil for dense flavor: A single air mesh coil for dense flavor is provided by the vapx XCoil. There is no need for feeding liquid into the coils to get them filled. A single mesh coil will keep you away from the hassle of feeding liquid into the coils. This is one of the best features of the vapx XCoil. The high quality materials used by vapx have allowed them to provide us with a product that is durable and long lasting.


o Pod system Kit: The unique pod system kit in the vapx geyser S allows you to choose the kind of liquid that you would like to drink. The first option is the traditional hookah, while the second option is a water bottle. In case you are a fan of hookahs, you will love this model. The unique hookah technology allows you to have a comfortable slide-in pod switching action. You can easily load the pods into the bottom of the unit without any hassle.


o Pod System Kit w/ Silicone Pump: If you love the idea of the built in water bottle style of pod kit, but do not like the idea of the bulky size of the tank, then you should purchase the silicone pump. This unit comes with a single wall adapter so that it can be used with any standard water bottle of the same type. The Silicone Pump can hold up to 3.2ml of the heated liquid and will never leak or spill, even if it is used frequently. The pump heats the water that you drink very rapidly, which makes it very refreshing after a long period of time.


o Built-in Battery: The built in battery of the vapx geyser S will allow you to enjoy a vapor experience while outside even in cold weather conditions. The built-in battery can be powered by either the cigarette lighter or the power cord of the unit. The power cord will ensure that the device gets the exact amount of power, so that you get your vapor clouds. However, the cigarette lighter is recommended for use while the air temperature is low. When you use the lighter, it will allow the temperature to increase, thereby causing you to get an extended vapor experience.


o Limited DTL Cable: The vapx geyser S comes with a limited D TL (Drives Transmitter Telephone Line) that is only useful for some number of puffing cycles. The vapx product will work if the line is not disturbed by other electronic items such as chargers and the laptop. Therefore, this type-c cable is only beneficial for this specific product. You should purchase a separate accessory for this cable to enjoy a longer and more consistent smoking experience.


o 50W Portable Vaporizer: With its powerful blowback system, the vapx geyser S really works well even when you are outdoors. This model has a built-in fan that ensures that the device remains cool inside and out. It can even work when the temperature outside is low, which means that you can enjoy a longer vaping time. The 50W portable vaporizer offers two modes: the low voltage mode that will work even when the battery is low, and the high voltage mode, which is useful for the people who want to enjoy a stronger hit from their unit. However, it is important that you avoid using the high voltage mode for the vapx geyser S when the temperature outside is very cold or very hot, as the unit might become damaged.

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